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Church Target Audience Packages

Basic Package - DIY Edition:

  • Monthly PDF Installments: Receive monthly PDF files with comprehensive information and guidance on each month's topic.

  • Limited Email Support: Access to limited email support for clarifications or questions related to the program content.

Investment: $79/month


Comprehensive Package - Coaching Edition:

  • Monthly Zoom Meetings: One-hour Zoom meetings once per month with the senior pastor and ministry leads to discuss program topics, progress, and challenges.

  • Phone and Email Support: Ongoing phone and email support between meetings for guidance, answer questions, and providing personalized assistance.

  • Assigned Readings and Resources: Access to recommended readings and additional resources for further learning and growth.

  • Practical Exercises and Activities: Engage in practical exercises and activities designed to apply learned concepts to real-world scenarios.

  • Regular Progress Check-ins and Evaluations: Regular check-ins to assess progress, evaluate outcomes, and make necessary adjustments.

  • Optional Training Workshops: Access to optional training workshops for specific skills or areas of focus.

Investment: $279/month

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